Feet & Stanchion base

In situations where it is desirable to raise the GRP grating floor, you can use our height-adjustable plastic feet. These are available in a variety of sizes (heights).

Height and type of adjustable feet

PB-01     28 tot 42 mm
PB-1 42 tot 60 mm
PB-2 60 tot 90 mm
PB-3 90 tot 145 mm
PB-4 145 tot 245 mm
PB-5-NSC 230 tot 315 mm
PB-6-NSC 285 tot 367 mm
PB-7-NSC 365 tot 485 mm
PB-8-NSC 452 tot 605 mm
PB-9-NSC 537 tot 725 mm
PB-10-NSC 620 tot 845 mm
PB-11-NSC 705 tot 965 mm




For more detailed information, see the appendix at the bottom of this page.














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