Industry is a catch-all term for a diversity of activities including the chemicals industry. Glass fiber Reinforced Plastic (GRP) is now indispensable in industry. Companies are increasingly looking for durable and sustainable alternatives to traditional steel. The myriad advantages that plastics offer are being increasingly recognised and acknowledged and have generated exponential growth in the industrial sector.

Common types of resin used in this segment are

  • Isophthalic resin (ISO-FR), fire-retardant;
  • Vinylester (VE-FR), fire-retardant.

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A new office Our new office at Industrieweg 32 in Terneuzen is almost finished and our GRP gratings cannot be missed of course! We will move to the new office by the end of this year.
Project reservoir Africa Fiberstruct has recently succeeded in providing a total GRP solution for an important reservoir in Africa. We supplied GRP gratings and ladders with anti-slip and GRP railings Another great collaboration abroad!