Offshore (PH)

Intergrate® PH GRP gratings are produced with a high-quality patented phenol resin combined with a continuously woven fiberglass pattern.

Types of resin

When choosing the type of resin, you need to determine the extent to which a grating must be fire-resistant.

  • PH-XFR
    • PH-XFR is a resin that is extremely suitable for a highly corrosive and offshore environment and is extremely fire-resistant with ultra low spreading of smoke. This type of resin has a flame propagation index of 0 and a smoke index of less than 10 in accordance with the ASTM E-84 tunnel test. The abbreviation XFR stands for ‘Extra Fire-Retardant’.

Anti-slip class

As standard, all Fiberstruct GRP gratings are produced with an anti-slip class in accordance with BGR 181 and DIN 51130. The slip-resistance of surfaces is categorised in anti-slip classes. These GRP gratings satisfy anti-slip class R13 (greater than 35°, extremely high coefficient of friction).

Class      Angle of inclination
R 9 6° - 10°, low coefficient of friction
R 10 > 10° - 19°, normal coefficient of friction
R 11 > 19° - 27°, good coefficient of friction
R 12 > 27° - 35°, high coefficient of friction
R 13 > 35°, very high coefficient of friction

Available mesh widths

Fiberstruct GRP gratings are available in the following thicknesses and mesh widths:

Grating thickness

(in mm)

Grating mesh width (in mm)


 Gratins mesh width inside

(in mm)

13 51 x 51 45 x 45
25/30/38 38 x 38 32 x 32
30/38 Micromesh      19 x 19 13 x 13
51 51 x 51 43 x 43

RAL colours

  • As standard, PH-XFR GRP gratings are provided in the colour black RAL 9004 (other colours on request).