Ten Golden Rules

I always work safely because I:

1  300_gouden_regel_1_regels_en_procedures.jpg Follow all applicable rules and procedures.
2 300_gouden_regel_2_pbm.jpg Use the required and prescribed PPE.
3 300_gouden_regel_3_ingrijpen_onveilige_situatie.jpg Intervene in unsafe situations or with regard to unacceptable unsafe behaviour.
4 300_gouden_regel_4_controle_werkgebied_op_gevaar.jpg Check my work area for risks, hazards and hazardous substances.
5 300_gouden_regel_5_valpreventie_en_bescherming.jpg Use fall prevention and protection when and where required in accordance with the guidelines.
6 300_gouden_regel_6_regels_in_verband_met_de_lasten.jpg Respect the rules in relation to handling loads and I never position myself under or near a suspended load.
7 300_gouden_regel_7_besloten_ruimte_procedure.jpg Respect the “confined space procedure”.
8 300_gouden_regel_8_adm_beleid.jpg Adhere to the alcohol, drug and medication policy.
9 300_gouden_regel_9_besturing_machines.jpg Only operate those machines for which I have followed and completed a valid training successfully.
10 300_gouden_regel_10_veiligheidsincidenten_rapporteren.jpg Report safety incidents.


A new office Our new office at Industrieweg 32 in Terneuzen is almost finished and our GRP gratings cannot be missed of course! We will move to the new office by the end of this year.
Project reservoir Africa Fiberstruct has recently succeeded in providing a total GRP solution for an important reservoir in Africa. We supplied GRP gratings and ladders with anti-slip and GRP railings Another great collaboration abroad!