Micromesh (Ballproof)

Fiberstruct recommends that the following clips be used for micromesh gratings.


Preferably, B-clips are used in situations where drilling is not desirable. The arm of the B-clip ensures that the grating is fastened to the support profile. This type of clip is very easy to fit on the top side.


As a rule, S-clips are used when you can drill the support profile. This type of clip is very easy to fit. ‘The cross’ should be removed at the place where the clip is fastened.


An F-clip is a special type of clip that compensates for the difference in height between plastic gratings. This fastener also reduces the amount of sagging, which contributes to the strength of the whole unit. The F-clip is fitted on the top side and when all are fitted these provide a very even result.


The clips are available in a variety of qualities depending on the application and environment.

  • Stainless steel 316-A4: Vinylester gratings (type VE-FR, VE-XFR) for chemicals;
  • Stainless steel 304-A2: Isophthalic grating (type ISO-FR and all other types) for normal corrosion-resistant outdoors and offshore-marine environments;
  • Galvanised (HD): orthophthalic gratings (type ECO-NFR, ECO-FR) for all low-corrosion environments.


Fiberstruct’s mounting materials satisfy all applicable standards.