Step over platforms

A plastic step-over platform is a completely adjustable modular system consisting of handrails, gratings, and stairs. Step-over platforms are often used in environments where a relatively small difference in height needs to be bridged. These are often used in sectors such as:

  • Chemicals;
  • Steel and construction;
  • Oil and gas.

The advantages of GRP step-over platforms

  • Corrosion-resistant;
  • Fire-retardant;
  • Durable;
  • Anti-slip;
  • Lightweight;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Maintenance-free;
  • Not electrically conductive;
  • Pre-assembled.


Fiberstruct's GRP step-over platforms are made of isophthalic polyester (ISO-FR) profiles and pultruded profiles and satisfy the following standards:

  • EN-ISO 14122-3;
  • Anti-slip is guaranteed by the concave surface of the gratings, R13 in accordance with BGR 181 and DN51130.

Fastening materials

Fastening materials are made of A4 (316) stainless steel. Other qualities on request.

RAL colours

Available on request.


Plastic step-over platforms are delivered pre-assembled and in modules for your convenience.













A new office Our new office at Industrieweg 32 in Terneuzen is almost finished and our GRP gratings cannot be missed of course! We will move to the new office by the end of this year.
Project reservoir Africa Fiberstruct has recently succeeded in providing a total GRP solution for an important reservoir in Africa. We supplied GRP gratings and ladders with anti-slip and GRP railings Another great collaboration abroad!