Why GRP?

Fiberstruct is your partner when you need information and advice about glass fiber reinforced plastic products, such as gratings, handrails, (cage) ladders, and other GRP constructions and parts. Our professional team of engineers are happy to help you find a suitable solution that meets your needs in terms of durability, safety, and costs.

GRP is up to 70% lighter and exceptionally strong

Fiberstruct GRP gratings have a high strength to weight ratio compared to traditional materials, such as metal, concrete, and wood. GRP gratings are even strong enough to bear the weight of vehicles, even though GRP gratings weigh less than steel gratings.

GRP is corrosion-resistant and maintenance-free

The durability and corrosion resistance of Fiberstruct GRP gratings and constructions reduces or eliminates the need for major maintenance, such as sand blasting, scraping, and painting. The Fiberstruct GRP products are easy to clean with a high-pressure washer.

GRP is non-conductive and anti-slip

Staff safety has the highest priority. Fiberstruct GRP products are non-conductive and the friction factor is higher than steel. This minimises the risk of electric shocks or injuries due to slipping. Optionally, GRP gratings can be made conductive. Many companies have already expressed a clear preference for GRP products.


Glass fiber reinforced plastic (GRP) products are known for their capacity to resist corrosion in the most demanding environments. In contrast to metal and wood, GRP products will not rust or corrode and retain their structural integrity.

Fiberstruct offers a wide range of resins, each specifically developed to solve particular environmental and performance issues. For more detailed information about resistance, you can consult our Chemical Resistance Guide to help you choose the most suitable Fiberstruct resin for your application.


Fiberstruct GRP gratings and stairs have a superior slip-resistant surface in wet or oily environments. Steel becomes slippery when it is wet or oily. GRP gratings have a higher friction factor and remain safe to walk on even when wet. Fiberstruct’s slip-resistant products increase safety for staff, which reduces accidents in the workplace and thus also reduces injury-related costs.

Long lifespan

GRP products are durable and corrosion resistant, which makes the lifespan of GRP products much longer than traditional materials. This long life cycle provides cost savings. Maintenance costs with respect to removing, disposing, and replacing corroded steel are eliminated.

Low installation costs

Installation OF STEEL GRATINGS can be time-consuming and equipment-intensive. Fiberstruct products can be easily and quickly altered with basic hand tools. Fiberstruct GRP gratings are lightweight and can be easily assembled with bolts and clips. The use of heavy materials and machines is usually unnecessary.


Fiberstruct GRP grating weigh a great deal less than traditional steel. The density of steel is four times higher than GRP and steel gratings are two to two-and-a-half times heavier than GRP grating. The difference in weight makes GRP products easy to use. The weight saving can immediately and positively influence your transport and installation costs.



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