GRP Grating Manufacturer

Fiberstruct is a professional and dynamic organization that has grown into one of Europe's leading GRP gratings manufacturer. The core of our business and success is our belief in developing strong customer relationship through a partnership approach. We pride ourselves on our dedication to innovation, brand management, customer focus and commitment to support your business. Aware of changing market requirements, we continue to supply our customers with premium quality products at competitive prices.

Our business is divided into three strategic Business Units comprising Consultancy and project development, Manufacturing of GRP Gratings and Constructions. Each playing a pivotal role in our growth and expansion. We have a sales presence in all major EU and international markets.

We are active in supplying GRP products and solutions since 1966. With our production facility based in Strazske, Slovakia, we offer a complete line of GRP gratings suitable for various applications: building & construction, ship building & repair, oil & gas, wind-energy, water treatment, railway and many others.

Our high quality fiberglass gratings are designed and manufactured to provide long lasting performance. 

In all our business activities, our core priority is not simply to meet, but actually to exceed the exact requirements of a market which demands continually improving process efficiency and customer service.

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